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Valero's ethanol segment includes its ethanol operations, associated marketing activites and logistics assest that support its ethanol operations. Through subsidiaries, Valero owns 11 ethanol plants in the Mid-Continent region of the United States with a combined production capacity of approximately 1.4 billion gallons per year. Valero sells ethanol primarily to refiners and gasoline blenders under term and spot contracts in the wholesale bulk markets. The ethanol is distributed through logistics assets, which include railcars owned by Valero.

We will not accept unapproved corn strains that cannot be sold in international markets. Follow the link below to see listing of unapproved hybrids.

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May 20 348'4 350'0 342'4 346'0 -2'6 346'0s 03/27 Chart for @C0K
Jul 20 354'2 355'6 348'4 352'2 -2'4 351'6s 03/27 Chart for @C0N
Sep 20 359'0 360'4 353'4 356'4 -3'0 356'0s 03/27 Chart for @C0U
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 20 879'0 888'6 875'2 883'4 1'2 881'4s 03/27 Chart for @S0K
Jul 20 883'0 893'2 879'6 887'6 0'4 885'2s 03/27 Chart for @S0N
Aug 20 884'2 893'6 880'6 887'6 0'0 885'6s 03/27 Chart for @S0Q
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 20 569'4 587'0 563'4 572'6 2'2 571'2s 03/27 Chart for @W0K
Jul 20 558'2 568'0 552'4 559'0 1'0 557'2s 03/27 Chart for @W0N
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